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Open Schooling Roadmap

The OSOS Open Schooling Roadmap supports the diffusion of the Open Schooling Model in schools all over Europe to undertake those necessary changes towards openness. The Roadmap proposes a concrete overview of the implementation of open schooling approaches, offering a clear description of the necessary steps that schools need to take in order to become […]

School Innovation Model

R4C proposes School Innovation Model that defines the specific elements to depict innovation in schools (based on the SELFIE and OSOS-SRT indicators), as well as additional relevant indicators and metrics for measuring it based on holistic collection of educational data (e.g. teachers and students involvement in communities of practice, school generated contents and initiatives, students […]

Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting

We kicked-off the R4C project in Athens, on the 4-5th of November 2019. For the next 2 years, the project consortium of Reflecting for Change (R4C) will be working on the introduction of a type of holistic change that ensures a meaningful uptake of sustainable innovation, with an emphasis on achieving improved learning outcomes as […]

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