Open Schooling Roadmap

The OSOS Open Schooling Roadmap supports the diffusion of the Open Schooling Model in schools all over Europe to undertake those necessary changes towards openness. The Roadmap proposes a concrete overview of the implementation of open schooling approaches, offering a clear description of the necessary steps that schools need to take in order to become hubs of responsible innovation that bring together as many educational stakeholders as possible with an aim to produce ideas and solutions that address local issues and/or grand societal challenges. Applying the OSOS approach in local settings has made it clear that schools have much to gain by fostering connections between formal and informal learning, between existing providers of education and new entrants. In this final version we present plenty of evidence on how schools have evolved in this transformative process towards openness and responsible innovation. The final version that was published at the end of March, is enriched with findings and examples from the OSOS large scale implementation in more than 1,000 schools across Europe.

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