OSOS-R4C Virtual Summer School: Towards an Open e-Mature School

The OSOS-R4C Virtual Summer School aims to familiarize participants with the open schooling approach that provides a powerful framework for school heads and teachers to engage, discuss and explore: how schools need to evolve, transform and reinvent; how schools facilitate open, more effective and efficient co-design, co-creation, and use of educational content tools and services for personalized science learning and teaching; how schools can become innovation incubators and accelerators.

It has been designed to promote the use of self-reflection tools as a vehicle to support innovation and systemic change in schools. It proposes an innovation support framework and a roadmap to schools seeking to introduce a change culture that ensures a meaningful uptake of sustainable innovation.

It will focus on the use of self-reflection tools as a valid way to support innovation and systemic change in education. Participants will explore how schools may move from self-reflection to developing a comprehensive plan of action that utilises the results of a self-evaluation exercise, but, crucially, in combination with fundamental principles and mechanisms of European educational policy for schools

Participants will look at how schools can be supported in using these tools to understand the current position of the organisation and build on the results to define and implement suitable action plans by applying a step by step support mechanism for school heads and teachers.

Find out more here: http://esia.ea.gr/training/towards-an-open-e-mature-school/

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