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Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza activities aim at building a new economy based on knowledge in order to create a greater social cohesion. Our mission based on the valorisation of territorial resources with a particular attention to the European and Mediterranean contexts. Fondazione Idis supports its local stakeholders (school networks, companies, enterprises, local bodies and associations) which become partners by contributing to test new cultural products and spread their effects through local actions. Moreover, Fondazione Idis plays its role in European and Euro –Mediterranean contexts, thanks both to its knowledge of the real condition of contemporary scientific and technology research and for the strategic position of Naples and Southern Italy.


Science for Society: Fondazione Idis works to set up a new scientific citizenship, filling the gap between society and science, in order to bring the science out of laboratories through an open dialogue with citizens.

Science for the new generation: a rich and immersive scientific communication could arouse the interest of the youngsters, their creativity and capabilities by making them aware of the current scientific issues in order to bring them closer to the daily routine of scientific research.

Science for economic development: scientific matters contribute more and more to the improvement of the quality of life and to the creation of an “economy of knowledge”; access to the knowledge – thanks to new communication technologies – is an essential factor for the economic development.

Accessibility and sustainability: the search for a “virtuous” balance between cultural and social progress as well as an actual economic and financial sustainability (social management), is an innovative and indispensable principle of Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza, which is giving its contribution to develop a sustainable economic renovation reconcilable both with a social and an ecological point of view.

Culture of work: work is the first factor to give social dignity and identity. Skills, competence and professionalism are the right starting points to reach personal goals and contribute to general wellness.

Innovation skills and proposals: innovation as a search of better and efficient solutions but also as a new space of resources and potentialities, as well as a way to be involved in the benefits of a more integrated and supportive society.

Effective valorization and promotion of culture: the common and shared values asset conceived as Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza strategy and operation principles, as well as the main objects of its operating activities.

From know-how to making knowledge: a closer nexus among competences, projects and communication activities is the strategic and necessary element for the interactive involvement of Citta della Scienza’s public.

Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza is a non-profit organisation that has among its founding members the Nobel Prize Laureates; Rita Levi Montalcini and Carlo Rubbia. It boasts a number of scientific collaborations with major museums and scientific Institutions in Europe and worldwide. Città della Scienza started its activities in 1987 and was completed in 2001, in the western part of Naples, with a structure dedicated to the dissemination of scientific and technological culture, as well as to the innovation of the educational and business systems.

One of the main values of Città della Scienza is to set up a new form of scientific citizenship, bridging the gap between science and society, in order to bring the science outside of the realm of laboratories through an open dialogue with citizens and stakeholders. Hence, Città della Scienza aims at creating an efficient relationship between science, innovation and society for the economic and social development of the region and fostering social inclusion through social innovation.

Città della  Scienza is based on a new knowledge-based sustainable development model, focused on: science education, environmental and cultural resources valorisation, innovation advanced services, research promotion, experimentation and production of intangible assets.

Active at the local, national and international levels, Città della Scienza combines an articulated system of functional areas: the Science Centre, the Business Innovation Centre, the D.RE.A.M Fablab, the Advanced Training Centre, and the Convention Centre, described below. The whole system of functional areas works as a hub, focusing on six priority sectors: manufacturing 4.0, smart cities, smart education, human health, blue growth, and agrifood.

  • The Science Centre: opened in 2001, was the first hands-on science centre in Italy, includes today permanent exhibitions on the sea marine environment and research, a children’s area and a Biodiversity Garden with an open area on Mediterranean diet education and healthcare. Moreover the science centre hosts laboratories for science education and ICT related educational programmes (education 2.0, robotics, coding, and digital fabrication), a web TV studio and a science theatre. Città della Scienza is now in a process of renovation and expansion. In March 2017, a thematic building, Corporea, opened to the public. Corporea is the first interactive science centre in Italy completely dedicated to the human body and health sciences. It is a building of 5,000 m2 comprising of permanent exhibitions, educational labs, a training centre, in addition to a new generation planetarium, with a large dome for 3D educational shows about astronomy and other scientific topics.
  • The Business Innovation Centre, for the development of innovative enterprises, start-ups and spin-offs; BIC of Città della Scienza is one of the most advanced centres in southern Italy. A space where technological innovation and scientific research are the hub for the creation of all activities realised inside the centre. It consists of 44 spaces where innovative companies are offered spaces and specialised services in order to foster their businesses. BIC also offers many network services such as: Coworking and Nomad Working. Moreover, Città della Scienza is a co-promoter of Campania NewSteel, the first certified incubator in the South of Italy that acts as a tool to connect start-ups and spinoffs with technological and business development opportunities, as well as one of the main national structures supporting innovative start-ups and spinoffs birth and development.
  • The Digital Research for Emerging Advanced Manufacturing (D.RE.A.M.), is an advanced design and digital fabrication Fab Lab. It is also a platform for the development of new skills and innovative companies in the sector of digital fabrication. The current main sectors of specialisation are: biomedicine, exhibitions and cultural assets, design & fashion; architecture & building.
  • The Advanced Training Centre is a training centre for non-academic education, for professionals and innovative job development. Training activities are realised in connection with the regional and national system of research and university-level education. The training centre hosts the Digital Research for Emerging Advanced Manufacturing Academy (D.RE.A.M. Academy);  an international learning programme focused on developing products and services in the field of advanced manufacturing, promoting and enhancing skills, and strengthening professionalism and cultural networking.
  • The Convention Centre, with a total capacity of about 2,000 seats, is composed of 13 different rooms with variable capacities (10 -1000 seats).
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