Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) – Greece

The Institute of Educational Policy (I.E.P.)  is a scientific agency that provides support to the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs on issues regarding primary and secondary education, post-secondary education, transition from secondary to higher education, teacher training, student dropout and early school leaving.

Co-operation with I.E.P. is required for every relevant initiative or action taken by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs departments or the agencies supervised by it.

I.E.P. deals with scientific research and study of the issues mentioned above, and provides ongoing scientific and technical support on relevant educational policy planning and implementation.

I.E.P. has indicatively the following responsibilities:

  •  It issues opinion, in response to relevant queries submitted by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, or ex officio, in relation to the following: educational policy formulation, modernisation and implementation in all types of school units, curricula, school books and teaching material, evaluation of the administrative and educational structures, education of expatriated Greeks, immigrants and refugees as well as intercultural education, primary, secondary and post-secondary education teacher training, training and certification policy of the training agencies.
  • It systematically studies issues relating to: school life and ways of improvement, school dropout and early school leaving, special education as well as the teaching goals and needs of particular groups of the student population.
  • It designs and implements support actions on issues regarding the afore-mentioned responsibilities, in view of the implementation of new educational policies.
  • It designs the national strategy on teacher training and monitors its implementation in accordance with its responsibilities.
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